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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines (governing) policies and ensures that the Black Business Initiative’s business affairs are conducted in accordance with good governance practices. The board steers the strategic direction of the organization and appoints the Chief Executive Officer who, in turn, is responsible for the general management and direction of the organization.

Traditionally, board members are selected and announced at the Annual General Meeting unless there is a mid-year vacancy. Recommendations can come from the board, staff, or community. Recommendations are brought to the board and a board vote is initiated. Please visit regularly to view any vacancies on our boards or committees.

Current Board of Directors

Joe Parris, Chair

Carlo Simmons, Vice Chair

Rustum Southwell, Ex-Officio

Andrew de Freitas

Ben Johnson

Bruce Johnson

Burtley Francis

Elizabeth Cooke-Sumbu

Emma Beukema

George Swaniker

Kenny Duncan

Margo Hampden

Yemi Akindoju

Tracey Thomas, Chair

Rustum Southwell, Vice Chair

Grace Alridge

Joe Parris

Mapfumo Chidzonga

Marissa Walter

Samantha Parris

Shakara Joseph

Cassandra Dorrington, Chair

Carlo Simmons, Chair

Rustum Southwell, Vice Chair

Barbara Manning

Cynthia Dorrington

Deborah Windsor

Paul L. Walter

Sylvia Parris

Tracey Thomas 

Yemi Akindoju

Barbara Manning, Chair

Rustum Southwell, Vice Chair

Charisma Grace

Denise Doucet

Issmat Al-akhali

Nicole Johnson-Morrison

Taff Chipango

Vivek Sood

Sylvia Parris-Drummond, Chair

David Eisnor, Past Chair

Andrea Jackson, Treasurer

Greg Nazaire

Joseph Parris

Njabulo Nkala

Paul L. Walter   

Rustum Southwell

Debbie Windsor, Chair

Rustum Southwell, Vice Chair

Barbara Manning

Burtley Francis

Carlo Simmons

Cynthia Dorrington

Jocelyn Dorrington

Nicole Johnson-Morrison

Sylvia Parris