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How We Help

We’re committed to growing a successful and vibrant Black business community in Canada. If you’re a current or aspiring Black entrepreneur, we can help you achieve your business goals through a range of programs and services.

The investment our governments channel through the BBI has benefited the growth of Black entrepreneurship significantly more than any other support programs we’ve dealt with in the last 30 years.

Dr. Abdullah Kirumira
President & CEO, TheraPBios PHARMA LTD

With the help of BBI, I got the funding and business training I needed to get my business off the ground. As a young entrepreneur, I don’t know if I would have been able to get my business started if it wasn’t for BBI and other similar organizations."


As a Black entrepreneur, it’s important to have support where the people understand the barriers you face, and I can happily say that the BBI has positively impacted Natural Butter Bar’s journey.

Tiffani Young
Owner, Natural Butter Bar

My business started as a hobby, and the business plan made it real. The BBI helped with my education, but they also taught me the business skills.

Paul Adams
Adams Photography Inc

BBI has been a strong supporter and advocate since day one. BBI’s expertise, consulting and actual financial investment enabled us to expand and export outside of Nova Scotia.

Robert Loppie
the Bin Doctor

The Black Business Initiative has encouraged and supported me and provided me with great ideas on how I could expand my business.

Herbert Kaliisa
Founder – HKMA Designs; Miika Adventure & Travel

The BBI has been very instrumental in assisting me in the continued growth and visibility of my business.

Darla Johnson
SLIC Laser

Upcoming Events

We host multiple events in the province throughout the year. Some of our popular events include regional visits, workshops, training sessions, Black Business Summits, and more.

Business Directory

Our business directory is primarily a Nova Scotia-wide reference guide for consumers in search of quality products and services from Black-owned businesses. The directory is also an excellent resource list of community organizations, banks, government departments and agencies, churches, and other institutions.

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