About Us

The Black Business Initiative is committed to growing a stronger Black presence in Nova Scotia’s business community. We act as a catalyst for job creation, equitable participation, and advancing the economic prosperity of Nova Scotia. In 1996, the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia founded the organization to address the unique needs confronting the Black business community in Nova Scotia.

We are the longest serving Black business development initiative in Canada and are dedicated to supporting companies to start, grow, and compete in the mainstream business community.

Our Vision

A dynamic and vibrant black presence within the Nova Scotia business community.

Our Mission

To positively influence Nova Scotia’s business culture by promoting and assisting in the development of Nova Scotia Black-owned businesses. We accomplish this within a cohesive framework to achieve a number of overall goals including:

  • Economic independence of individuals;
  • Improved standards of living;
  • Career options for youth;
  • Pride in communities.

Our guiding principles are that:

  • Every Black person who expresses an interest in starting a business is important to this Initiative;
  • The Black community needs business know-how, information and skills development – not charity;
  • The Black business community should be fully integrated with the larger business community in order to access the necessary resources;
  • Direct financial assistance is only one component of the BBI;
  • The merits of a project depend on the viability of the business case.

How we help Black businesses



We offer business courses, run a mentorship program, and provide business counseling.

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Financial Assistance

We provide financial assistance and connect our clients with funding resources.

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We connect the Black business community, the government, and other stakeholders.

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