Our Group

The Composite Group of Companies is designed to ensure the sustainability of Black businesses across Nova Scotia and is comprised of the following organizations:

Black Business Enterprise

Black Business Enterprise (BBE) is a limited-by-guarantee company. BBE was created to have a general overview over the activities of all the organizations within the BBI composite group. The design of this composite model was established to diversify BBI’s revenue stream, reducing dependence on its funding partners to ensure BBI’s sustainability and that of Black-owned businesses across Nova Scotia. The BBI Composite Group of Companies and their relationship to each other is structured in a manner of fashion that Black Business Enterprise (BBE), incorporated as a limited-by-guarantee company in 2005, is the nucleus organization that oversees the governance and relationship agreements of the model.

BBE is tasked to ensure compliance by the constituent entities with the governance principles via audit and relationship management services. At the core of these principles are operational transparency and accountability to Board policies and directions regarding entity activities. It carries out these “regulating” functions under service agreements with each entity. Overall, it must guide and nurture the evolution of organizational growth within the composite structure. It is, however, not a supra-entity body. Its Board includes individual and corporate members.

Black Business Consulting

Black Business Consulting was incorporated in March 2005 to serve as a revenue generation vehicle to support the financial independence of the group of companies.

As part of its enterprise development initiative, the BBC operates the ADEPA Consulting Service and the ADEPA Construction Management Inc.

Business is Jammin'

Business is Jammin’ (BIJ) is a province-wide charitable initiative that focuses on motivating Black youth and stresses the importance of education and personal development in all of its programs. BIJ’s goals are to deliver a comprehensive enterprise and entrepreneurship learning strategy and instill business skills that will offer long-term benefits to young people.

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Black Business Community Investment Fund Limited

The Black Business Community Investment Fund Limited (BBCIFL) fund was born to provide capital to businesses possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, determined to grow and create jobs for Nova Scotians and able to demonstrate community and environmental responsibility.

The Fund has proudly and confidently invested over $1.5 million in local business throughout its nine-year tenure, and has consistently capitalized companies with high performance potential and long-term sustainability.

How we help Black businesses



We offer business courses, run a mentorship program, and provide business counseling.

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Financial Assistance

We provide financial assistance and connect our clients with funding resources.

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We connect the Black business community, the government, and other stakeholders.

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