As part of the Black Business Consulting group, ADEPA was created in 2007 to generate profit while contributing to the development of enhanced skills, training and certifications for young individuals throughout Halifax Regional Municipality.

We specialize in residential and commercial projects including new home construction and renovations. We are fully committed to service excellence.


Black Business Consulting  was incorporated in March 2005 to serve as a revenue generation vehicle to support the financial independence of the group of companies.  As part of its enterprise development initiatives, BBC operates two different entities:  ADEPA Consulting Service and ADEPA Construction Management Inc.


Invest in the long-term sustainability of Nova Scotia

History chronicles the enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit of Nova Scotians, whose ingenuity and tenacity inspires men and women of business to this very day.

Driven by that spirit, the Black Business Community Investment Fund Limited (The Fund) was born to provide capital to businesses possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, determined to grow and create jobs for Nova Scotians and able to demonstrate community and environmental responsibility.

The Fund having proudly and confidently invested over $1.5 million in local business, throughout its nine-year tenure, has consistently capitalized companies with high performance potential and long-term sustainability.


Business is Jammin’ (BIJ) is a province-wide charitable initiative that focuses on motivating Black youth and stresses the importance of education and personal development in all of its programs. BIJ’s goals are to deliver a comprehensive enterprise and entrepreneurship learning strategy and instill business skills that will offer long-term benefits to young people.