Business Testimonials

““Divas on the Green”. – What an excellent event! This event which is a “Ladies Only” event, not only allowed us to give back to our community and in particular to Feed Nova Scotia, but it encourages networking with other like-minded business women. It provided an opportunity to for all involved to market your passion – your company – with others who have a keen interest in not only hearing what you do but wanting to learn more and sharing this information with their colleagues, friends and family. Some were lucky to make contacts and expand their business presence, others met new partners and yet others made new friends… This opportunity afforded a networking experience “par” none in a setting that not only indulged us as women but proved to be our best golf game ever – 18 hole in ones… Thank you to the BBI for introducing me to an event that allowed me to explore a unique spin on networking and marketing my company.”
Cynthia Dorrington President, Vale & Associates
Thank you BBI for the invitation to attend the Diva on the Green, the event was refreshing,informative, inspiring and fun! I am a huge believer in one must understand the balance of success in order to become successful…A huge part of being successful, is in the knowing when one should simple step back, refill their well and enjoy the moment. Part-taking in Diva On The Green as a guest of BBI with other powerful women set in motion a positive bond, powerful knowledge, great connections and tons of laughter and memories to melt away the stress.
Jessica Bowden CEO, Teens Now Talk Magazine
Divas on the Green was a fantastic chance to network, build relationships and have fun with like- minded Nova Scotia businesswomen. And best of all, it was an opportunity to celebrate and support the work of Feed Nova Scotia. Thanks to BBI for supporting me in this event.
Eleanor Beaton Owner, Eleanor Beaton & Co. Editorial Services
Really enjoyed spending the day with the Divas on the Green. In addition to changing the scenery and relaxing for the afternoon, I met some very nice and professional women. The Director Maritime Travel has since been in touch with me and we will be having coffee next week. The bulk of the true networking took place for me at the dinner rather than during the day’s events. Overall, I would say that it was worth attending and as well it was for an excellent cause. Thank you to the BBI for creating this opportunity.
Barbara Manning President/CEO, Genieknows
I would like to thank BBI once again for the opportunity to participate in the Divas on the Green event. I am not a golfer and was a bit hesitant to attend as I thought my ‘golfing’ skills would be put to the test; however to my relief the only skills I had to put to the test was my ‘networking’ skills! I had a wonderful time and spent the day with some very interesting and professional women who displayed a ‘go-getter’ attitude. It was also nice to know that this event will help many in our communities who rely on food banks to supplement their income in these critical times we live in. I was happy that I could be a part of that. Finally, I was thrilled to win a hot air balloon ride – something on my bucket list. I am looking forward to enjoying that in the near future. Overall, if circumstances allow me to attend this event again, I certainly would and also recommend to others.
Glynis Simms Director, Just Right Child Care

Partner Testimonials

CYBFlogoI have been working with the BBI as a partner in the various community economic development roles for over 10 years, and have a great respect for the work that they do.  I am also proud to be a volunteer with the BBI where I sit on the board for the BBCIFL, as well as have the confidence in the work that they do and invest into that fund!  In 2013, BBI became a CYBF Community Partner which allows them to provide the CYBF program to Black Nova Scotian entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 39.”


David Eisnor

Business Development Manager, Atlantic

Canadian Youth Business Foundation





Training Testimonials

“This course will create you a great online market audience for your business.  It was an amazing experience to learn from top notch professionals using business plans and practical exercises.  This course is for any business looking to expand their market!”

Christian Bailey

I had known that for any business to rise in this day and age, e-marketing is the key.  Little did I know how much that importance is and always with the real estate, that I had not tapped into any significant percentage of the potential.  this course opened my eyes, made me rethink my business strategy are.  I can see moving forward.  The ROI will be significant.  Class was fun, flexible, enjoyable and enlightening.  Very hands on, applicable right away to my business.   “Kudos”


Customer Testimonials

CoreyKatz (3)“It was three years ago, that I decide to start my business.  With the help of BBI, I got the funding and business training I needed to get my business off the ground. As a young entrepreneur i don’t know if I would of been able to get my business started if it wasn’t for BBI and other organizations like them. Its now three years, since i started my business and BBI is still there to help me every step of the way. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me!”

– Corey Katz of Corey Katz Photography

houseofDetailsLotoBlack Business Initiative made our dream of owning and running our  own business come through. House of Auto Details has benefited from the experience of the guidance of the Business Development Managers, had access to major sources of funding and have also received invaluable training to grow our business. We are constantly in contact with them as a source of encouragement and guidance.

House of Auto Details

9 Symonds Road
Bedford, NS B4B 1J5

phone: 902-404-1500