Invest in the long-term sustainability of Nova Scotia

History chronicles the enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit of Nova Scotians, whose ingenuity and tenacity inspires men and women of business to this very day.

Driven by that spirit, the Black Business Community Investment Fund Limited (The Fund) was born to provide capital to businesses possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, determined to grow and create jobs for Nova Scotians and able to demonstrate community and environmental responsibility.

The Fund, having proudly and confidently invested over $1.5 million in local business, throughout its nine-year tenure, has consistently capitalized companies with high performance potential and long-term sustainability.

Why Invest?

Investing in the Black Business Community Investment Fund Ltd. is an investment in more  jobs for Nova Scotians and an investment in the sustainable prosperity of our  province.

  • We invest in local businesses, who in turn pay  taxes that support essential services for all our families.
  • The Fund has proudly and confidently invested over $1.5 million in  local business throughout its ten-year tenure, consistently capitalizing  companies with high performance potential and long-term sustainability.

Annual General Meeting

Please watch this space for further details.

Additional Benefits


  • All shares purchased (from as low as $500) in the Fund benefit from an immediate Return on Investment through an automatic 35% equity tax credit.
  • What’s more, the investments are RRSP eligible for further tax savings.
  • Additionally, investors can draw from funds already in their RRSP accounts to purchase shares without triggering tax consequences while gaining the 35% tax credit.
  • Those who invest for the long term also stand  to gain additional 20% and 10% tax credits on the fifth and tenth anniversaries  of their investments.
  • Your investment stays in Nova Scotia!

Interactive Tool to Estimate Tax Benefits

You can use this tool to calculate what your tax benefit could be over the course of your investment. This tool is for informational purposes only, individual tax situations may vary.

Interactive Tax Benefit Scenario Tool (Download Excel File)

For additional information please contact Njabulo Nkala, the Fund Manager:

1660 Hollis Street, Suite 1201
Halifax, NS B3J 1V7
(902) 426-4281 (Phone)
1 888 664-9333 (Toll free)
(902) 426-8699 (Fax)


This CEDIF Offering may be a high risk investment. This offering is made through an offering document, which can be obtained from an authorized sales agent or finder at (902) 426-4281.This offering constitutes an exempt offering of these securities only in Nova Scotia by authorized sales agents. Investors should read the offering document before making an investment decision.